Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th, 1918

"142 Years Young and Going Strong!" ca. 1917-19. National Archives, Item  512445.

A brief post to mark Independence Day in the U.S. On July 4th, 1918, the United States had been involved in the Great War for several months and would continue its engagement until Armistice. Many felt that America's entry into the war, though it came after three years of strife, was pivotal in bringing this terrible conflict to an end. 

Vera Brittain, one of my recent research subjects, recorded a feeling of elation and relief upon seeing American soldiers arriving in France. Indeed, the above poster celebrates Uncle Sam's 142nd birthday and promotes--quite energetically--the image of a brave, agile, nation charging to victory on the battlefield. We feel confident in this nimble, fearless, Uncle Sam.

Happy July 4th to you, dear readers. I hope you have a chance to celebrate the holiday, to thank our veterans of yesterday and today, and to make a wish for peaceful enjoyment of everything that freedom means to you.

© Fiona Robinson

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