Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's!

Some WWI bonbons for you from the Ghosts of 1914...

 A snippet of a WWI-era song with a very sweet post-war fantasy:
I've had a battle all of my own,
I had to battle for love and for home,
Now a treaty's signed,
It's a funny kind,
Terms of peace are love and kisses,
And a "miss" is now a "missus."
I laid a siege
Right to her heart,
But I could not win alone.
My allies were the candy shops,
My ammunition chocolate drops;
Now I'll raise an army of my own...
--Roger Lewis and Ernie Erdman, "Now I'll Raise an Army of My Own"

And a box of Fry's chocolates given to British troops serving in Italy:

Fry's Chocolate tin for British troops in Italy. © IWM, Item EPH 9388

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