Monday, December 23, 2013

Gearing Up for Christmas

Start of the Officers' Race, 26th Div. Train, ASC on Christmas Day, 1915, Salonika. © IWM Q 31577. 

Greetings, dear Readers! 
Christmas is almost here! I don't know about you, but the above photo of officers springing into action for a holiday race on Christmas day, 1915, evokes many of the feelings this particular modern civilian has about the seasonal rush this year! In honor of Christmas's swift approach, here are some wonderful images from the IWM's Ministry of Information Official Photography Collection

Our ghosts of 1914 are seen enjoying various aspects of the holiday...

from biking camp-ward with the Christmas pudding safely in tow:

An R.E. Motor-cyclist with a Christmas Pudding, Hesdin-St.Pol Road, 17 December 1917. © IWM, Q 8339

to opening the holiday mail bag in hopes of presents and letters from home:
Artillery Officers with their Christmas mail bag. December 1917, © IWM Q 8346

and on the slightly less traditional side, a holiday camel race:
Leisure and entertainment at the Front: The camel race in progress at the Aden Field Force Christmas Sports,
Christmas 1917. © IWM, Item Q 13070.

and back to traditional activities, carving a Christmas turkey 

(doesn't the carver look serious about his important task?):
Carving the turkey in an A.S.C. (26th Division) Officers' mess at Salonika on Christmas Day, 1915. © IWM  Q 31571

Even if you're off to the races at the shops, still filling your Christmas goody bags, or sweating out preparing a sumptuous feast, I hope you're having at least a little bit of holiday fun and enjoying the company of loved ones. 

May you have a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!!


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